Monday, 30 March 2015

People come and people go. Can family go, too?

People constantly come then leave again, be it after a page or chapter of your life. Some become friends, then turn into strangers. Sometimes, these stranger-turned friends walk back into your life story, a little further down the line.

What about family? Sibling relationships are the most complex thing I may have to deal with in my lifetime.

We did not choose each other.

She came into my life when I was too young to remember; she has never known life without me. Yet, we were not always active characters in each other's stories. There are chapters in my life from which she is missing. Perhaps it is I who is missing from her's. Or rather, erased, whether unconsciously or deliberately. Slowly we are diverging onto two separate story paths, hardly ever intertwining.

We are strangers than strangers, almost embarrassed when passing each other on the streets by chance.

A thought that crosses my mind from time to time, a time like today: am I the weirder one?

My earliest memories of us together:

Friday, 27 March 2015

Exhausted from a full on week?

  • Que sera, sera
    - let it all go. Don't fight something you can't change. Things happen for a reason. Maybe it is supposed to be shit. Leave it, whatever it is, if you hate it so much. On the other hand, maybe it will become better soon. But there is only so many times you can let it slide..
  • Smile
    - fake it until it becomes genuine.
  • Treat yourself
    - for today's meatless Friday, I treated myself to some Korean bibimbap. I was never really into bibimbap, until I met A. It's one of his favourite Korean dishes, and that makes me smile. Whenever I eat bibimbap I think of him.
  • Treat yourself 2
    - why is spending so much fun? I made an impulsive buy today. While passing by a shop window, these white soft leather shoes caught my eyes so I went in, tried one shoe, paused, then handed over my card. So bad. Except, you know, when it comes to shoes and they actually fit my tiny feet, I need to take the chance. It may not come by again soon. Also, it wasn't really on an impulse because I'd been looking out for white brogues for a while. Plus, everything is going to be so much more expensive when I move over to London... soon.
  • Treat yourself 3
    - take a bath. Bubbles and candle lights. Or if you don't have enough time - it is Friday night, after all - have a quick date with Frank. It's my weekly treat. He makes my body so smooth ;)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Running the Rive droite

Familiar running paths I drag my lazy self along every Mondays and Wednesdays and (supposedly but pretty much never) Saturdays. The new pont Chaban Delmas - whose name I can never seem to remember - lights up a pretty blue at nights, depending on the river water levels. 
Running, the pain in the lungs and heavy legs fade away and a calm satisfaction of being at ease with your body takes over. Be it fast or slow, your body is a machine, moving forward at constant, almost automatic, movements. 
Thinking of nothing, thinking of everything. Running really clears your head. Dishwashing also clears my head but I think my body prefers running more. The sweat does me good. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Reblogging: London, the next time

- London, the next time -
Kensington Gardens (Peter Pan) * Hyde Park * Saatchi Gallery * Portobello Market * Covent Garden * Musicals (Les Miserables, Lion King, Chicago, Billy Elliot) * Afternoon teas with scones * books * Tate Modern * Picadilly Circus * Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes) * the Globe...
It may be coming around sooner than expected, whether I like it or not..

Friday, 20 March 2015

Beach walk, soft tacos, cocktails

Cocktails night! Sharing stuzzichini and funny named drinks - Monkey business, a Little bird told me, etc. - lounging in a cosy couch with girlfriends.

Cocktails night! A long beach walk and Mexican soft shelled tacos and sharing sweet alcoholic mojitos, face to face at a table for two with a girl friend.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Nantes: Weekend trip

L and I finally found a weekend where both of us were free, and headed to Nantes, France. It's a 3.5 hour ride from Bordeaux. L had always wanted to visit the city, so I said, why not.

My only condition was that we needed to walk heaps, since we would be missing out on our usual Saturday run session. Luckily, there was a well marked circuit we could follow to get a broad overview of the city. Literally. The circuit is marked as light green on the tourist map, and there is actually a green line on the roads that you can just follow. Super easy.
The weather was.. warm at first. At least it didn't rain. We were so happy to see new flowers blooming again. First definite signs of Spring!
My favourite part of the city of Nantes was the Public Gardens, just across the road from the train station. It's got birds, obese goats, art works, and colourful flowers. I am so glad it's getting warmer and sunnier finally in France. I've been in preparation mode for the Summer months, and I don't really want to leave France until it's time to get back home to my loved ones...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Tea place: La Diplomate

Imagine a sombre salon, ladies in pixie cuts and loose sleeveless dresses lounging about in plush velvet high backed armchairs. Too early for dinner, too bored for another nap, they lazily sip on their porcelaine art deco tea cups, filled with beautiful aromas.

La diplomate is a lovely place. A little sleepy, perhaps, though not for lack of clients. The front room houses all the uniform big black cannisters of manually mixed dry tea leaves and fruit pieces and flower leaves, each capturing a souvenir of some far off places. Down the back is the dimly lit tea salon, warm and comfortable.

La diplomate used to be one of my favourite late lunch/afternoon tea places when I first landed in Bordeaux. The teas are ideal presents, classy and elegant. Go ahead and choose from any of the homemade baked goods with your tea. The lemon slices are my favourite.

La Diplomate
32 rue du Parlement
33000 Bordeaux
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