Dear 2009: Goodbye

Thursday, December 31, 2009

It seems to me you're coming to a close almost too fast for me to say a proper farewell. Was 2009 really all that I have hope you to be? So many things have happened between you and I in the past 365 days; some, I will cherish for the rest of my life, others I would rather forget... Either way they were eventful times and I am quite sad to be parting with you. However, 2010 is beckoning, eagerly waiting for me, and forward I must go.

Thank you for your memories, dear '09. I will send your regards to 2010. So long-

PS. A quick summary of 2009 on my desk -

  • my slow but trusty laptop, that never really left the desk due to being too heavy, with the words "before this day ends", telling me not to put things off to the next day, a jar of marshmallows drawn in the top right corner (the Marshmallow Study: be patient and you'll gain double), the bird sticker from the movie "UP", and a hopeful A+
  • new pink phone which keeps me company wherever I go
  • timetable of second semester in the uni study diary
  • journal of daily scribbles, with souvenirs and random notes tucked into the pages, such as some of the many plane tickets I acquired this year - 13 in total!
  • my watch that I unfailingly put on each morning then take off as soon as I come home at the end of the day, exhausted by the heaviness of time...
  • the tiny pencil case with the necessary tools of work
  • finally, the small Bally bag that I have carried everywhere, perfect as a lunch bag.

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