Post Christmas

Monday, December 28, 2009

So, Christmas day was great, the weather was so hot, it was a real summer. So, in the true Kiwi style, had a barbie dinner outside with friends at night, everyone brought things to eat and they were of such variety, and so nice!! I took a big bowl of simple summer salad with Mum's kiwi fruit dressing. I've been a little unwell lately, so it was good to have my appetite back. That night, also, had a quick chat on the phone with A, which was so so lovely <3.

Boxing day the next day at the mall was... very very busy! So many people arrived even before the shops were open, it was quite exciting! We had free lunch at work as well, which is always good, not worrying about what to take to eat. I am glad the sales won't end until a couple of days at least, because I want to buy some things as well, but it's quite hard with working most of the time, and also without trying to spend too much money ;)

Last night S and I had dinner at Denny's, my first time. I had Vege Club. I was so hungry, and they were so nice, even though a bit too big for my small bites, lol.

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