Shopping for the perfect shoes

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shopping is a great way to exercise. I met up with a high school friend today at one of the many shopping malls in Christchurch, and ended up scavenging for the perfect pair of heels for her graduation next weekend... with no success, though, unfortunately. Four hours of treasure hunt and no prize at the end. Exhausting! Did you know that Christchurch has the largest shopping mall space per person in New Zealand? We only have about 348 400 people in the Garden City, but oh so many malls. However, it was a nice change from the usual hours in front of the computer screen I would otherwise have done at home, like the lazy bum that I am. It was also good reminder to me that I should hit the gym soon; I had to have a nap after the shopping spree. I am so unfit! Thanks to A, I had the longest work out session since my coming back from Auckland for the summer. Merci!

Talking about summer, can you believe the weather we are having right now?! How disgusting!

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  1. kkkkkkkkkkk the weather....

    mayb we'll have a white christmas in nz?


  2. lol, i hope not, i'm hoping for a nice sunny christmas at the beach, or the park, suntanning!!!
    i want my santa to come in the traditional kiwi style, with short shorts and jandals and all-


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