Summary of how Viv is surviving the Summer so far...

Monday, December 07, 2009

I found myself two casual positions, one tutoring and another at the mall, which i start tomorrow!

Been trying to spend more time with my sister, which mostly means taking her to places when i can be bothered to, and talking gossiping about people and things...

Starting to be more involved at church as well, getting ready for Christmas, had the tiniest part in a play yesterday at church, just one line, but lol it was good fun.

Friends and family have been feeding me as much as possible, so much that I really need time to properly digest first, please!

As a result I am trying to regularly go on the treadmill downstairs, which has been finally fixed, thank goodness.

Tomorrow, I will probably buy the ticket to Sydney, to travel for three nights in mid Feb, with S. So excited!!!!

And the tickets to the Lady Gaga concert arrived by post today, to which I'm also going with S next March, she is more excited than I am, but so am I!!! The tickets sold out today I think...

This week I want to listen to some classic music, my violinist friend J is doing this competition so I will try to go support her;
also there is this new op shop nearby our house that actually buy clothes, so my sister and I are going to go through all the old clothes at home. Its really convenient because I was actually going to take them up to Auckland for some extra pocket money, lol...

Wow, this is a loooooooong summary of what I am up to right now...

So, what are you up to these days?

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