"Where are you from?"

Monday, December 07, 2009

New Zealand is such a multicultural country; it is sometimes hard to distinguish the residents from the international visitors, so the inevitable question I get asked often is:

"Where are you from?"

From here, one should answer well, because if I only choose to answer,
"New Zealand,"
there is a trail of others that follow, such as:

"No, I mean, where are you originally from?" or,
"Oh, were you born here?" - Which I haven't,
"So how long have you been living here?"

They can become so repetitive and tedious...

I recently asked a friend with a similar situation to mine, on how she deals with the question,

"Where are you from?"

Here is the new devised answer, learnt from her:

"I was born in Korea, but have been in New Zealand since, like, forever."

Good answer, thanks, J :)

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  1. At least "I was born in Korea, but have been in New Zealand since, like, forever." works for you...

    In my case its :

    "I was born in the USA, spent my childhood in Korea, then was educated in New Zealand, went through puberty in Korea, then grew up in New Zealand"

    It's a mouthful every time..

  2. Oh, I didn't know you were born in the US?


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