Audrey Hepurn movies at A's

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A and I planned for an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon day at her place. There were only two DVDs available, though, and since I was due to work from 6 this evening, it wasn't really a marathon in the end, but anyhow-

The first movie was Roman Holiday (1953), one of my Audrey Hepburn favourites, along with Funny Face.I love her short haircut, the interior of Bradley's tiny apartment, and the romantic one day in Rome!
Of course, we had lots to eat, like this cake A's mum made with cream and jam on the side. I came back home so full afterwards that I was about to burst! Lots to drink, too, English breakfast and many glasses of water...

For lunch A and I made French toast, when A decided it may be better with caramelised bananas on top, so voila, that's how we had it.

Inbetween the two movies we had a break, for lunch, for chats, and also for picking A's sister up from work.

The second movie was Charade (1963), which turned out to be boring and we just wanted to get to end so we knew who the culprit was. So we fast forwarded to the finish, also because it was time for me to get to work... but then I got a call telling me I don't need to go after all. So we missed the end for nothing. Oh well.

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