Drexels Breakfast Restaurant

Friday, January 15, 2010

"The legend begins with breakfast", says Drexels, the popular breakfast restaurant which have opened their second shop a while ago in the mall. Many have told me how nice the food was there, and since I have seen how the restaurant seems packed all the time, and since my sister's been wanting to go there, I booked a table for four to test the taste today.

When we first entered the place a few minutes earlier than our booked in time, we were told to wait for a bit until our table was set. Scanning the restaurant I found that it was clean, and bright. Good. It was also packed and we saw a few people we recognised.
We ordered Breakfast Treat with fresh fruit salad and bluberry pancakes, Breakfast Burrito mild spicy with toasts, Chicken and Bacon Open Sandwich, Half Waffle, and Strawberry and Mango Tea for three.

Mine was the pancakes. They had more bluberries on the bottom pancake than the top, and the butter melting on top was nice. I also had it with maple syrup as well. Even after giving half the portion to others to taste, it was very filling.

The only downside of the experience was that due to the busy-ness the service was a bit slow, and after we ordered we had to wait half an hour for the dishes to arrive. They forgot about the tea, though, which, by the time it did come, we were too full to really enjoy drinking it.

Sis seems to have enjoyed coming a lot, which is always good to hear. Nice to know that it was money well spent. :)

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