Last date with A

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A is going to Oz on Thursday, in the early morning, so we had a quick farewell meet up in town.
It's so exciting for her starting a new stage of her life this year, and even though the last couple of days have been quite hectic with packing and getting immunised (by a rude grumpy old doc), and even if the first couple of days will be full on with settling down and trying to get her head around where everything is and where she is supposed to be, I'm sure she will have a good time and enjoy her life there.

Because she is finally at a place she's been working hard for, where she justly deserves to be.

So we went to town for a coffee. It took some wandering round to get a park, but we got there eventually. The cafe we went today was called Mod, on High Street. It was a narrow long cafe that I had passed a few times, and I guess everyone else must have too, because it always seems to be empty. The interior looked cool, though, so we gave it a try.

A had an iced coffee and I had a cup of jasmine tea. I told you I was into tea these days!
Both were really nice, which only boosted my rating of the place more. We both reckoned the cafe will be popular one day... when it becomes recognised.

Even though the sun did not feel like hanging with us today, we sat outside in the tiny courtyard at the back of the cafe. It was a small red walled corner with only two tables, and cosy enough for us.

Here is a view of the cafe from the inside, looking towards the street. Though small, the cafe is very clean, with diner type seatings against the brick wall. There is a breakfast menu available, and also a fireplace at the back, with a plasma TV and couches.

I will come back. With A again, maybe. Or perhaps I shall just see her in another cafe in Melbourne before that. That'd be so cool-

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