Shrimp and vege spring rolls

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I had yesterday and today off work, so decided to spend some time in the kitchen, which I haven't done much these holidays. Last night I made a spinach and tofu pasta bake for my family. It was nice; very green :)

Of course, lunch yesterday was also special, because we finally got to have our Galette des Rois. When asked our baker if the "feve" was inside, he told me that due to some past complaints he has stopped putting them in, so I had to do it myself. Presumably the person was not aware of the feve tradition and got a surprise from it being in their slice... Did they choke on it, I wonder?
Anyway, Gran gave us each a slice, since she was the oldest in the house, and Mum got the feve. Sorry I don't have any photos, because I was just too impatient to start eating it.

Tonight's menu was shrimp and vege spring rolls.

I made a special visit to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients only to find that we already had them at home. Oh well. It's really easy to make, just need the rice paper dipped in warm water for about a minute, onto which various finely chopped veges tossed in lemon juice, such as cucumber, carrot, spring onion, capsicum, and mung bean sprouts are placed, as well as the shrimps. Then wrap the rice papers and serve with sauce. We had them with chilli sauce tonight.

Here are a few photos of the process, and the finished pieces:

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