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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These days I have been a bit down, partly due to the gloomy weather we are having at the moment.

I love coming down to see my parents in the summer, since I don't get to see them much during the year, because we live in different cities, across the strait. It's also a good time to save up some money, for the next year, and for other future plans, which always includes travelling to some exciting places (other than here). Plus, I get to see my hometown friends, with whom I can pass hours on end chatting away without even realising.

So why do I so want to go back up to Auckland? Why do I long for the stress, the busy-ness and noise of the city centre?

Probably because I miss the feeling of doing something, being kept on my toes, being with my uni friends who are like my second family, my BF, ...

Today I got a present from my friend in France, who sent me a handmade card with lovely wishes for the new year, a photo of La Rochelle, which made me miss my times there even more, and an Eiffel Tower key ring. Yay! I have a gold one which I'd bought in Rouen, which has my car key in it, but I will use the silver one I got today for my apartment key in Auckland. I LOVE LA TOUR EIFFEL!! Merci beaucoup Laurie~~ >-<

Also, I decided today that, once again, honesty is valuable. Being honest, even if seemingly blunt, which my friends sometimes (affectionately?!) describe me as being. BF has been sick with the cold for ages now, and when he first told me, I'd sent him a little get-well-soon package. A week had passed, and I didn't hear anything about it from him. I was a little disappointed, a little sad, a little annoyed as well. Turns out he didn't get it yet. What?! I've no idea why it's taking so long to deliver, it's only onto the other island, I'm sure I wrote the correct address... I think... When he does get it, it won't be a surprise, which I had wanted it to be, but oh well. See, though, being blunt has solved my little blueness today. I do hope he gets well soon.

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