An arvo with J / ein Nachmittag mit J

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Had a catch up with J this arvo, at our cool cafe hang out C1 in town. Actually, we've only gone there together once before, when she introduced me to the place a few months ago, but still... It's got a cool atmosphere, with funky retro interiors.

These days I'm into drinking teas, and since I'm all for trying out new things, I got a chilli chocolate tea, and was presented with this, with instructions to put in the choc and chilli combo for seven minutes before serving:

Unfortunately there weren't much of the choc and chilli compared to the massive volume of hot water in the pot, so at first the colour and taste was a bit weak. However, it wasn't too bad. J thought it smelt like choc muffins...

We hadn't seen each other since Christmas, so there was a fair bit of catching up to do. Mainly the two hour session revolved around the new year's resolutions, our hopes and goals for the coming months. It sounds like J has seen a very good start to her 2010, which is exciting, dizzying, confusing at times, but also promising! Good on you!

For both of us, 2010 brings fresh starts, which we will face bravely with expectant smiles and many butterflies fluttering in the insides. Today, though, we were able to sooth them for at least a short while, with a bit of sweet and bitter warmth in our corner of the red cafe :)

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