World Buskers Festival 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Only working two days this week, yay!
Finally the sun came out today, yay!

Met up with S and A in town to check out the Buskers Festival, which takes place every summer in Christchurch. We only had a few hours to enjoy amid our busy schedules, packing up to start her new life in Oz for A, an arvo date with her BF for S, etc, so we quickly headed to the Cathedral Square with a gelato in hand, each.

The first act we saw was Mario, the Queen of Circus. The idea was really good, he played all these Queen songs during his shows, and the volunteer that came up was really cooperative and she did really well as an assistant. For the finale of the show he was carried around the huge ring of crowd

The second show after Mario was the Hoolahoop Duo, hailing from Canada. This couple was also good, Betty was so cute with her bubbly personality, and David as well. Most of the buskers acts are pretty much the same, with the same juggling, and hoola hooping and the same comments at the end of the show about how much to donate ("if you give me $50 i'll go home with you"), but I guess their unique personality adds to the individuality. For their finale David juggles sticks on fire on top of Betty hoolahooping a massive, uh, hoolahoop.

The next act was really boring, the "strongest lady in the world" with "breasts of steel".
We tried to find our fav souvlaki stall but couldn't, so I had a weiner instead, a mild bratwurst, it was the biggest sausage I have ever had in my life. Tasted just like a normal hotdog. Tant pis.
It was a fun day in the sun, so fun that I have the burns to prove it, on my forehead and nose, neck, and legs. :)

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