After Sydney

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I just came back frm Auckland this evening, been busy sorting out things like the photos from Sydney to put on Facebook, which I have just about finished!

The weekend in Sydney with my flatmate for the year was really really nice, we had a great three days where we tried to fit in as much as possible, by the end of it we were both pretty exhausted but it was all really worth it!

The first day in it was much hotter and more humid than in Auckland, so we headed straight to the famous Bondi beach. We didn't care it was a touristy place, so heaps of people, for us it was just so fun being part of the tourists, and the weather being warm enough to actually get into the waters! Yay!! We did the other touristy things afterwards, as well, like going to the Rocks and taking pictures of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera house.

Our friend took us around all the other beaches and things the next day, I loved the quiet Watsons Bay, I would love to get a place there and a boat, perhaps for my parents?! lol At the back was the Gap Park, which looks out onto the Ocean, on top ot the cliffs. It kind of reminded me of the cliffs of Etretat in France, except that was in winter times ;) That evening we went to Darling Harbour and I had kangaroo meat for dinner. I heard that some of them get killed in a cruel way, but I hope the one I ate didn't, at least, because I enjoyed it rather a lot.

We saw live kangaroos the third day, in Taronga Zoo. Even the rain did not deter us from our planned zoo trip, but thankfully the weather got better during the day. The kangaroos, elephants, gorillas, tiger, meerkats... so many animals, so little time...

Tried to get some shopping done, ended up just doing souvenir shopping for family though, mostly. Must have been the heat and the weather, and the excitement wearing off a bit, but we were really tired by this time and we fell asleep without even bothering with dinner, while watching the highlights of the beginning of the Winter Olympics. Exciting times!!

My flatmate and I almost missed our morning flight, because we were too busy duty free-ing. The final boarding call came on and we started running like crazy. As luck would have it our gate was at the most far end possible (note to self for next time: either have plenty of time to look around before boarding time, or don't get a flight on a budget airline), and we were pretty much the last people to get on the plane, both feeling sick with the sudden exercise after a breakfast of only coffee, only moments before. At least we made it.

It was Chinese New Year's when we arrived back in Auckland, 2h and 5 mins ahead of Sydney. Since I'm not Chinese, it was not of much importance to me, though Valentine's was very much on my mind ;p I got to finally see my BF (whom I haven't been able to see very often this summer due to me constantly flying in and out of Auckland) for a nice night out - and received 10 mosquito bites in memory of it :(

Now I'm again in Christchurch for a last week with my parents before going back up to Auckland, for the final time, to get ready for uni, which starts on 1 March for us this year. I must say, I'm quite looking forward to it!

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