Food talks during work

Friday, February 05, 2010

It's not a good idea to be talking about food while working, when the breaks are far and few in between and only lasts for 30 mins at the most, which is really not enough time at all to enjoy your meals during the precious tick-tocking seconds wasted on waiting in the queue and walking to and from the staffroom to foodcourt.

But I try.

Today was an especially long 12 hour shift. Closer to my lunch break one colleague of mine was telling me about her 10 day trip to Thailand with her family, so of course I was feeling like having Thai for lunch. I ordered Beef Penang Curry. It doesn't seem like much in the photo, but believe me, it was more than enough. I was starving, and still I couldn't finish it all. What a waste.

This was what I thought of the dish as I was eating:
"At first hot, but very nice with chunky beef pieces. Got a bit of sweet and sour? going on. Bamboo shoots. Little salty. Yum. Gotta finish, hurry, time running out, so full!" Lol.
Ate too much, too fast, so much so that I did not feel I would be able to walk back in time to continue with my shift.

Afternoon tea break came, and I was still full, but thirsty, so had a cup of latte in the staffroom...
Dinner time came, and I was still full, so just sat on the couch texting...
Then another colleague told me about Cornish Pasties. I haven't tried them before but I was getting hungry, and I wanted to taste them. So what do I do, but to go to the supermarket first thing after work, straight to the deli corner for my cornish pasties, which was my very late dinner tonight when I came back home...
...with the parents in full kareoke mode in the next room. Lol.

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