French accommodation help needed!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't believe it's Friday already today. Must h (hang on, just realised that I've got sugar all over my mouth from the blueberry doughnut I got from the French bakehouse for lunch) have been the cold, but I don't remember the week going past at all.

Anyway, just been to Medlab to get routine check ups done, hopefully the results will come out next week. Going shopping (again! argh!) with sister soon so she has more clothes for uni. At least the weather is fine now, the sun is scheduled to be up until at least Tuesday, please do.

For now I am looking around for some nice affordable place to stay in Paris, for at least 6 months, hopefully from Jan - Jun 2010, then Aug - Dec 2010. Please, please, let something decent turn up, and soon!!

Bon weekend, tout le monde, xv

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