Last day in Christchurch!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Saturday was Waitangi day, a historic day in our country of New Zealand where the Maori chiefs and the English signed the Treaty of Waitangi to coexist for evermore, in 1840. Still, there seems to be disputes surrounding this founding document(s), though they seem to be decreasing... or else I'm just not paying as much attention to them. Even though it's a national holiday no one actually does anything in particular to commemorate it, save for the politicians. People don't go to work, of course, and there are the long weekend sales, but I mean there are no flags flying outside houses or anything. We Kiwis are only patriotic when our feet are on foreign soils ;p

Sunday was my last day at work, for the summer. Yay!!! I was looking forward to this day, because I am ready to start travelling and enjoying doing nothing (and everything) before uni starts again in March. I am looking forward to that, too, because I am going to be doing some interesting papers this semester, as well as, oh, crap, a third year molecular biology paper that is already giving me headaches. Lol.

I need a turn over every three months, or else I get frustrated and bored and I don't know what to do with myself. See, a semester at uni lasts three months. Summer breaks last three months. After I graduate from studying at uni, goodness knows when that will be, I am not sure how I will survive being a career girl. I'll just have to plan so I get breaks every three months, however short they are.

So, after my first stint in the retail industry, I have exercised all that I have already learnt from the hospitality industry, such as customer service in a busy and demanding environment, and standing on your feet for hours on end, but I have also gained a few new skills, namely, folding clothes faster, unpackaging and repackaging shirts, measuring mens' necks and waists, recognising a variety of mens' underwear types, and dealing with sales - exchanges, calculating percentage discounts mentally.

At the same time as being pleased about finishing, it was also sad to say goodbyes to the people I have worked with, who have all helped me learn their ways. They had really made my time there so much more enjoyable!

I had gone in with a new pair of black flats that M had given me, but I came out with one that was so worn and the insides smelly and falling to bits, it's time to let them sleep... Thanks for keeping me company all this summer:
But it's alright, because I have finally fixed my other black shoes, today, so now I can wear these!

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  1. i recognise that shoe!!! :) nice new shoes!

  2. Yes!!! Let's go camping!!! Lol
    When you get a house with a backyard we could pitch my tent there and have a mini sleep over party! lol


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