A weekend in Auckland with K

Monday, February 01, 2010

I just came back from a wonderful weekend in Auckland with a girlfriend for her 21st, organised by her fairy godparents!

K has been my best friend in primary and intermediate school years, and I hadn't seen her in 4, 5 years, so it was a really good opportunity to catch up and to spend some time with her again.

I wish there were such nice fairy godparents for everyone!

So, got on the flight to Wellington as soon as work finished on Thursday night. It was only my second time in the Welly and it looks so pretty, a little like Dunedin in hind thought but more artsy and cooler. K took me for a night out, which coincidentally was after the AC/DC concert, so we tried to mingle with the black tshirt clad olds and youngs, with red devil horns flashing from their heads... but it's difficult to dance well when you're amongst 'shufflers'...
The weather in Auckland was lovely, so hot and humid! We stayed at the Hyatt, where we took advantage of the pools, to cool off our tired feet and body after all the walking about. Food seemed to be where most of our money went towards, there were just so many places I wanted to take K to eat! Our regular stops were Dunkin' Donut and bubble tea places, because we got dehydrated quickly in the heat, and because Dunkin' is just such an Auckland experience :)

The last time K was in Auckland she was only 19, and couldn't get into the casino... or the casino bathrooms, to be exact (the bathroom downstairs were closed and the only other one was in the sky tower was inside the casino). This time she could legally get in, and tried out the pokie machines... I got back half of what I spent in total, the luck seemed to be on my side that night. Beginner's luck, probably, lol.
After a dizzying wonderful weekend in Auckland, full of shopping, eating, talking, walking, and late nights, it was sadly time to get back to reality and to everyday life.
I can't thank C and A enough for allowing us this trip to reconnect with each other, it was a good opportunity to reflect on the past and perhaps rethink the future, as well, for both of us.
Thank you so much to BF, also, for chauffering us around Auckland on the 2nd day, it was so so sweet of you!!

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