Am I comfortable with you?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Isn't it weird that words just seem to roll out of my mouth when I'm with certain people, but with others I find it so hard to think of things to say?

I thought of this the other day when I was walking down the road with DJ, with whom I had brunch - and my mouth wouldn't shut up! It might have possibly been because we hadn't seen each other in ages, but still...

This isn't the only time these thoughts occurred to me.
Just because I am comfortable with spilling out my thoughts with these people, though, it doesn't necessarily mean that I am at ease when eating in front of them; I can get really self-conscious. I can be a clumsy eater.

So does it mean that I am only truly comfortable with those people in front of whom I am not embarrassed to spill both my guts and a few bits of my lunch? Hmm, that actually does make sense. It also brings to mind a number of people, actually.

:) If occasionally I eat/act like a five-year-old and force you to listen to everything and anything I have to say/sing, don't take offense, or walk away, it just means I am very comfortable with you.

Thanks MH for helping me organise my thoughts. lol

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