A game of chance it was

Monday, August 23, 2010

It was a game of chance,
started with two rolling dice,
that became you and me.

Down at the beach, we cuddled in the cold, and
up in the park, while outside it was dark.

We watched the train go past, but not really,
we watched the people on tv, but not really.
We didn't really watch anyone or anything, really.

Did we even see each other?
I'm not sure anymore.

Alone at a festival, surrounded by lights,
alone at a party, dancing in the night,
don't look at me that way,
don't you know I have a guy?

He's just not here,
he's busy elsewhere,
though I don't know where.

-Be Mine
I said.
He said.

All I know is that he's not with me
I don't know what he thinks about me
or even if he does think of me
at all.

I had a guy.

I miss the cuddle
I miss the smile
I am leaving
I take the memories inside.

So, thank you.
What about you?
Ah, Well, V, you
were still a Lucky penny for each other
while it lasted, in this game of chance.

It ended, or so I thought,
before resuming in its course,
almost as if there hadn't been a break.

I thought, 'Oh, well, why not?'
especially as I found new qualities
about you,
surprisingly patient, gentleness,
that almost led me to believe
that you did care about me.

Now it's not so certain anymore,
and I am back to thinking,
'I guess it couldn't last,
after all.'

So I think this should be
the final goodbye.
We tried, but it's just not
working out the way I want it
to be..

There's just no communication
between us..

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