Monday. Again.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Last weekend went by even faster than the week itself, that entering the first day of the week I am already ready to drop down on my bed... if I had been at home, that is.

It started with getting ready for J's 22nd birthday party on Friday night. Came the many reunions between old friends and getting to know new ones, amidst alcohol to loosen ourselves up. It was so good to be in this warm environment again, the thing I missed the most about Auckland and uni - drinks with friends on Friday nights.

M and K have finally found a flat that was good enough to live in, with good price that they can actually afford. Saturday went by with helping them gather all their boxes that have been dispersed throughout Auckland in various friends' houses. I cut my knee in the process. It bled. Ouch. Oh well. Tired and starving, we got takeaway Asian noodles in boxes! I have been wanting to eat noodles in noodle boxes like they do in American movies, for ages, especially after finding a place near my house (thanks to K).


Mine was the only one that did NOT come in a box, but a bowl. :( Tant pis. At least it was almost double the amount. It was huge. Even in my starved state I could only finish a third of the serving. I had it again for dinner the next day, with my flatmate. Then I had it again for lunch the day after. That was how big the serving was. I'm so going back. Lol.

Saturday night was a slumber party for girls only on the other side of town. I have eaten so much this day that I am sure my stomach must have stretched by at least a triple now. We wouldn't stop eating, the food was so good! R, whose flat we were in, treated all 5 of us girls to facial mud masks, with the finishing touch of aloe afterwards. I love being pampered.

Drinks again this night. We stayed up til 5am, talking too much as usual. Didn't even get drunk. Funny. Had to get up at 8.30 in the morning, to get ready for Church, and didn't even feel hung over, or anything. Good. Dropped dead sleepy in the afternoon for an hour of solid nap though, without which I probably wouldn't have been able to meet up with BF that night.

Gosh, it was one busy weekend.
This week may be even busier. Appointments with head of departments to sort out course approvals for the exchange next year; club meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday; party on Thursday; Flatwarming Friday; Lady Gaga Saturday; maybe movies on Sunday...

I am busy busy Vivian.

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