Party at my place

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bday party at my place. L and J, K, and even AW. Mum and Dad, J's mum, Sis. We hang at home, at first apartment like, creamy coloured, but then it turns out to be my parents' place in ChCh. Lots of people and food. We go out, to the port? Queen St? Lose Sis, to her friends, we go back home. J's mum comes to pick me up so I can catch my flight - up to Akl? - but I haven't even started packing yet. I take ages, so K and AW get bored and leave. K later texts to ask if he left his work file behind, because he had come to my place straight from the office. So he will come back, but not AW. AW will never come back, the back of my mind tells me, in my sleep. Sadness. I finally go down the stairs to the dining/living area, and who my astonishment J's mum is sitting at the dining table by herself, stuffing herself with tropical fruit that is stacked up in front of the table where the refrigerator should have been, a mountainous pile of watermelons and pineapples and melons, while the others are talking to each other, not taking notice, on the other side of the room. I miss my parents in my hometown.

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