C'est Fromage

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I used to frequent this French fromagerie/chacuterie before they closed their city shop. Now the closest one is in Newmarket, and so I made my first trip here today, while Flatmate was having her interview for a parttime job, which I hope she gets!
I have hoped that they would sell the macarons that we weren't able to taste from our trip yesterday, but, no, unfortunately, they don't sell them here anymore (why not?!!!!! :'( ).
I just got a small portion of étorki cheese, one of my favourite that I have tried in France. They import from France, so they are quite dear, but I would rather pour money in nice food than nice shoes, however much I love shoes too.
Am determined to get macarons before the week finishes. There are only four days till uni restarts, and am quite anxious to do all the things I had planned for the holidays, so I can start the second half of semester one with a fresh mind. One of the results for the tests from before the break came out and it's not too good. I don't get it! I tried so hard! Gotta try harder next time..

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