Gym session

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I went to the gym again today, that's two days in a row, and hopefully this week I will actually get my bum in to the gym more than twice in a week!

I'm more motivated now, though, because today I went in to get my fitness level tested and am now put on a programme to follow!

It was pleasant to know that I am not actually in the 'not fit at all' category, as previously thought, but in the lower rang of 'athletic'! Ha! Hang on, is that saying something about the ranges of the athletes? I hope not.

Anyway, had to get measured up, height, weight, skin fold, waitt-hip ratio, blood pressure, things I have already done in the GP sessions and/or biomed labs. Then came the cycle exercise to measure my heartbeats, the sit ups, the push ups, and the stretchings.

However it was weird that I was actually needing more attention in the area that I was the most confident on, which is flexibility. I need to work on my him flexors.

Then my instructor put up a programme for me to follow, though after he went through all of them with me I forgot everything... Lol. He will be there tomorrow to remind me, though.

It's a gloomy day today, and I feel like watching a movie. I've been watching one every night almost these holidays, but this time I'm off to the cinemas. Yay for cheap Tuesday! Hopefully we'll get to see Boy, on which I had done an assignment just before the Easter break.

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