Laptop problem again

Friday, April 23, 2010

So much for getting a good night's sleep for a day of hard out studying.
Got home after a long day of test and lectures, went on the Internet as you do, checking emails and such, and suddenly I find myself being warned by a spyware that my laptop has been attacked by so many viruses... But then I find that something fishy is going on, because this spyware is not the one I have got searched on my laptop! The 'spyware' becomes the problem that won't go away.. Argh!! It's only been not even a week since I got my laptop reformatted, and spent the next few days downloading all the hundreds of updates!!! So annoying!!
So spent all night last night doing just that, again... Caught a bit of a snooze here and there, I am so tired but I cannot get back to sleep when it's light, and waiting for the still slow machine to upload all the updates, again.. At least the laptop is virus free, for now...

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