Last weekend

Friday, April 16, 2010

before uni restarts! Went to the gym today, stayed extra long to make up for yesterday's missed session ;)
Actually, also because today I followed my programme for the first time, and since I couldn't remember all the exercises the instructor had planned for me, it took a while to get through them. Felt so nice afterwards though, after having sweat all the bad things inside me.

Had a late lunch at 3, baguette with honey ham, spinach, etorki cheese, and Philadelphia spread. Miam !

Why the late lunch? Because I went on an excursion after gym, as if the 2 hours weren't enough, to get the macarons I couldn't the other day. This time it was open, thank goodness, but no Frenchman serving, it was a South African. Was a little disappointed, but he was nice. Loved the flavours of the day! It's vanilla, ... I can't actually remember the others. Drat. They look so pretty in their pastel selves though!
While on my way to the French chocolaterie, I stopped by a small art gallery, where I got to see this:

All handmade, all made out of little sticks glued and painted together, must have taken ages, but the end result is so amazing! The amount of patience it must have took the sculptor, it's truly inspiring.

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