Violin and the banquet

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Violin audition for orchestra. Because I haven't played it for so long, I'm really bad, and since it's at the last minute, there is no time for practise. People are bitchy about it but so am I, really stressed and sensitive. I have no pieces to play! In the end I decide on a Mendelssohn piece from the yellow book I got from Korea which I could play at age 8. :(
Y and I fight. There's Sis and cousin N as well, who don't care at all and are just annoying, only cousin H really nice to me.
At home there is a huge banquet with lots of people, the main guest is an old blond man who I despise, and him me likewise. I give him the finger; He sits next to my European patron?! As I do a round of the room, late since I've been trying to practise and missed the Grace before the meal, there are three men at the end with no meals. They say they are not hungry, but one asks me for a glass of pepsi. I go to the grocery store part of my residence, I can just go in as I am wearing the red uniform T-shirt for employees, because I am the daughter of the owner. I go round the back wanting to get to the storage area. The place is huge with brick walls and concrete floors and dim lighting above, so it seems like a big alleyway, with stairs on both sides sometimes, leading to i don't know where. The path curves to the left as if a round tower. This place is a maze! I finally get through a double door to the left up the ramp. There are another double doors up ahead and also to my right. It's the banquet room. What?! I'm confused and downright exhausted. I've been dragging my feet for the last few metres and am at the verge of collapsing.
As I open the door to return to the foods, the hateful man greets me and provokes me. The meal-less men come to my rescue , punches the blond short of killing him. The police come. The two men who helped me leave in pale pink suits, with flowers in the left breast pocket, lying on their stomaches at the back of a motorbike, throwing handfuls of pink flower petals to trail behind them. Everything is in drug happy atmosphere like as it a Beatles MV.
Come to think of it, the other people at the banquet also looked British and the fashion was of the 60s, with bowled Beatles haircuts, and low warm British accented voices..

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