A beautiful day for graduates

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Unlike Monday, when it was so cloudy and cold, it was warm and sunny today, luckily for the Commerce graduates. There are lots of commerce friends, so went to get flowers for them early in the morn. Saw a man crash into an oncoming car, on the way. Rather, heard the thump and then turned to see the broken side mirror and the gash on the man's forehead, bleeding. He was so stunned.. but really, it was his fault for crossing the road at the busy lanes.

Today was a day full of activities, not just for the graduates and their friends and family. Met with a group of people in wetsuits visiting all the fountains of the city for a dip; also there was the kegs in the park going on, as well as groups of others in different coloured team shirts on what seemed like an orienteering expedition.

Since it was such a beautiful day, Flatmate and I felt obliged to have a quick picnic lunch in the park, a little away from the fountain area where a great photo session was taking place all day. Joined them soon after, for hours, catching up with friends who have come back to NZ especially for this special day, and with others whom I have seen only two days before, for similar occasion. Will no doubt see most of them again on Friday, though on that day I will definitely not be spending as long in the park as the last two occasions. Hopefully not. I have not been going to the gym this week, but have been getting plenty of leg exercises without it.

Been eating plenty as well, though. Had dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a group of Malaysian friends, and I struggled to eat a little more than half the dish, then couldn't finish it. Which was unfortunate because it was quite nice. Good value for money, too. May well go back when in a state of starvation.
Also watched a very disturbing programme on TV tonight on large breasted women. Large breasted is an understatement. Monstrous. They have such a distorted view on happiness, and have been manipulated by men in their relationships on the perception of beauty, it was so sad. Next week, apparently, is about cosmetic vaginal surgery - labiaplasty. Which is quite funny, because for some reason I seem to have been hearing a lot about it in the past week, though where and how I do not remember...

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