Genova (2008) Michael Winterbottom

Friday, May 21, 2010

A rainy day, fit for a film. Wanted to be romantic so went to the Academy Cinemas by myself, because I wanted to watch a movie in a small cinema. It was small, alright, with only 16 seats, and there were only 5 of us watching. The film interested me in the first place because it starred Colin Firth, one of my favourite actors.

The story tells of a family of two girls and a father, trying to lead a comparatively normal life after the death of the mother in a car accident. The father, Joe, takes them to Genova, for want of a fresh start. The elder one is in a rebellious stage of her growing up, blames Joe for treating her like a child and is annoyed with her younger sister, wanting only to listen to her music and play with the local boys who are attracted to her. Her younger sister is not a dependant type though, but she feels guilty for the death of her Mum, and has nightmares about her, and with her Mum always visiting her and talking to her, it is hard to let her go. The father tries to look after her daughters and teaches at the Genova university.

All in all it's a beautiful drama of a family. I sometimes wonder what people would perceive watching a film about my family. Every family has a story, so what would they think of ours? Some of the scenes were quite scary, I kept waiting for bad things to happen, which made me uncomfortable at times.

I am definitely coming back to the cinemas in the near future, despite the pricey admissions fee, because there are several other films I would love to watch!: This Way of Life, and the French Kissers.

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