Jules et Jim (1962) François Truffaut

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Donc, voilà, le troisième et le dernier film de la trilogie française.

Tomorrow is the aural test, and I sure do hope that I will be ready for it, because I really need good marks for the course.

Jules and Jim are two men who have befriended each other in Paris, despite their differences, one a French and the other a Swiss. They come to do everything together. One day a French woman Catherine comes into their midst. Catherine is an impulsive women who enchants the two men, even though she forces one to throw away everything behind, all for her. She herself cannot seem to help what she does to them; she cannot be blamed, for her naïve selfishness. Thus begins the ménage-à-trois, which lasts a long time, even after the War that separates them for a time, until only a tragic ending could put a stop to it all.

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