Paranormal Activity (2010) Oren Peli

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Who told me that this movie was not scary?
How could anyone be able to watch this all alone in their room at night?

One of the few scary movies I have seen, and I was scared all right.
The highlight: When Katie gets dragged across the room
I was really interested to see how the movie would end as we got to the last 10 minutes, since it didn't really seem like the story was coming to a close. I would have hated it for the story to finish in mid-air, but I think it may have been a good ending too. The actual ending that we saw was reassuring that the nightmares had ended for both of the characters, but it also wasn't as strong as I'd hoped for. There aren't many ways that a scary movie such as this could have finished with, though, in my opinion.

K and M had to walk me home afterwards, to the actual door of the apartment, no less..

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