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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Children + robot + Maria +DVDs + annoying man = ?!

Ah, I just suddenly got flashbacks from the dream.
So, it seemed like I was in a train station. These small kids all came to me... argh, fragments from other dreams, please go away and stop trying to confuse me! I don't know where the robots come in... I had to use the toilets in the station, perhaps on the train itself, there was a woman who came in while I was washing my hands... The topic of toilet just made me think back to my other dream where the showers of a gym was its central theme... Okay, anyways... When I came back to the children they were at Maria's, who is great with the kids since she specialised her tertiary studies in early childhood education. Her house/room was big, kind of like a library, with a case full of DVDs in the middle of the room. There were stacks and stacks full of movies that I wanted to watch. The children in the meantime were crowded around the other side of the case in the far corner of the room, where there was a collection of shiny silvery toy things... probably the forementioned robots. So, where does the annoying man come into the equation? I don't remember about him. I must write clearer notes about my dreams next time. But it's so hard when you are still sleepy and not wanting to get up at all...

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