City Lights (1931) Charlie Chaplin

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I watched 'City Lights' by Charlie Chaplin; I think maybe you have seen it
as well? Because I seem to remember you telling us this story when we were
younger, about a blind girl and a poor man who goes out of his way to help
restore her sight, and the sad ending when she realises the poor state of the
man who has helped her. It was a really good film, anyway.

This is what I wrote to Papa after having seen the movie 'City Lights' directed by Charlie Chaplin. Apparently the ending is one of the best in film history, and indeed it is very sad. The flower girl who must have dreamt about her 'rich' prince that brought light to her life, only to find that it was a poor funny looking tramp. If she had not recognised even the touch of his hand, it would have been less painful. But she did, and they can only look at each other, because as grateful as she is, she is probably not going to be with him.

What is amazing about the film is that Charlie Chaplin composed all the scores of the film, as well as direct, produce, edit, and act in it. He is one talented man! The film took around 2 and a half years to finish, with 180 days of shooting. Apparently his co star, Virginia Cherrill, and he were not on very friendly terms. At one point she was late for an appointment, and thus fired. But it had already taken too much time and money by then to replace her, so she offered to come back, at double her original salary. Sneaky girl!

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