Monday, June 21, 2010

Papa and Sis chatting away teasingly to each other.
Happy family bonding time.
Shower upstairs. Through the window I can see the neighbourhood. Hope they don't look up and see me naked.
My left shin in torn open. Torn, as in I can see the bone and the muscles opened into flaps, sticking out. They are not red, but more like dark wine colour, almost black. They don't hurt, but they don't look fresh, and it's a big rip. Almost looks like chunks of hair. Yuck. Mum tells me not to touch it. I don't.

Weird dream. I have been neglecting the blog lately, because, well, it IS the exam times. Finally the exams start tomorrow, for me at least, because everyone else seem to already have started and even finished. The exams period started two weeks ago, you see.

I have been dreaming again. The above dream is actually quite easy to decipher. Father daughter bond, not as common as the mother daughter bond, right? I miss my Papa.. lol
The second scene of the shower is probably because someone moved in the building next to ours, and his window faces directly into our bathroom. Since our shower is right next to the window, I am pretty sure the person can see us - and watch us - if he wanted to. We see a head bobbing up and down behind the window sometimes, not very often, so not sure if a man or a woman, yet.

The injured leg probably comes from my watching my favourite TV show 'Bones' that was on last night. It was about witches and spells. The spell didn't murder, though. Science proved that.

Ok, final revisions for tomorrow. Wish me luck! (Please press your thumb for me ;p)

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