Should I start studying?!

Monday, June 07, 2010

The weekend has past. It's Queen's Birthday today, so a public holiday, but it doesn't really mean much for me since the classes have finished, and so I'm half on holiday from now on, anyway. I say half, because there's still the exams to go. But the first one is in two weeks; it's so far away, yet not far enough not to worry about them. I feel like just lying in bed all day today. However I may be on call soon, it's not certain at the moment so I should start getting ready. Argh. Should I start studying today? I guess I'll have to do something, at least. I do want to get my French assignment out of the way asap.

Going to the movies with C tomorrow, going to watch Sex and the City 2! It's going to put me in a travel mood, I know, but who cares!

My Flatmate just handed me my breakfast. She made me dinner last night as well. Lol. I am so lucky.

Bonne journée~

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