Monday, July 19, 2010

I am Asian. But I don't know many Asian things, even Korean things.
I go to Korean restaurants and I don't know what to order because I don't know what they are, I need to look at pictures, because that's the only way I recognise the dishes. Other times, I haven't even eaten them before, even though they may be common Korean dishes.

At home we eat more fusion cuisine, and our household has never been traditionally Korean. My paternal grandparents used to eat cereal for breakfasts, which is considered quite unusual.

Having Korean flatmates who come from a more traditionally-cooking families have helped a bit though. I have many Malaysian friends, as well, who are helping me to appreciate Asian cuisine more. Going to Asian supermarkets with them is a treat because I get to learn all these unfamiliar food products and what they are used to cook with. (Esp M, my bum friend, LOL!!!!!!)

So, I am learning to cook Asian! Tonight's dinner was tom yum mee, which is basically rice vermicelli and fish balls in hot and spicy soup, made with tom yum paste.

Cooking more has made me eat more, which is fine, as long as I exercise more... which I haven't been, but it's only the first day of the semester, right?! lol

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  1. YUMMY! slurp slurp...i'm gonna have that for lunch tomolo! weee....
    next time put CARROTS! let them boil a while so that the carrots get soft. :)

    nights BUM BUDDY


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