Cold grey feet (and hands)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have always had cold feet and hands. Even my lips are kind of greyish, from the lack of circulation, so different from my little sister's plump cherry like ones.

I'm finding them especially icy today, when they were so cold that I lost feelings in them. When I was having a shower they warmed up, but as blood reentered the feet, painful pins and needles sensation started. Ow!

I cannot sit still at home, or go to sleep, without my hot water bottle by my side. I don't care if they burn me, though thankfully they haven't recently. I should have brought up my old red soccer socks from my parents' place, so they can cushion my feet from losing too much heat.

Been looking around for nice bedsocks, or just slippers to wear around the flat. Um... some better turn up soon, before my toes come off!

Also, been spending a bit too much this week, enjoying myself too much. Only got two more tapas recipes to go now, the tomato squids and the trout fillet croquets. Will cook the squids this week, hopefully.

Looking forward to Flatmate to come back join me in our apartment again. Met a French speaking Maghreb in the lift today. Um... probably shouldn't have told him which no I lived in. Ah well. The rest of the week is busy busy, until the end. I am really not ready for the holidays to be over just yet! I need some rest... ;p

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