First day of the second semester of the fourth year of my uni life...

Monday, July 19, 2010

... and definitely not the last, either... Argh!

The first day started with a drizzle..

Thankfully I only have one class today, a two hour lecture. I guess the first weeks are always a bit fun because you don't know what your classes will offer you. I hope they will be interesting!!

Came to uni early today to earn a bit of money (sold a textbook), but then had to go buy a course manual. Though it didn't cost too much, and I have learnt by now not to buy any new textbooks if it can be helped, since there are always the short loan system you can use. Also, with new editions coming out every year, it can become a hassle trying to resell them at the end of the year.

So, the holidays have finished, but on a good note I think, I got to do most of the things I have planned to do, and to some of them I can say, "Finally!" because they were those that have been pushed aside for so long. For that, je suis contente.

Got a doctor's appointment sorted out, catch ups with friends sorted out, I think I am well on track, so far. After uni, gotta go and get the flat looking reasonably clean for the return of my flatmate, as well!

Here's to another busy semester, especially since semester twos always seem to go on by quicker than the firsts. :)

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