Laptop screens crashing down

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do you guys get blue screens sometimes on your computer screens when they suddenly crash down, and the only thing you can do is to forcefully restart your computer by turning the power off then on again?

I used to have that happen to my laptop frequently. Then, after the period where I had to constantly reboot the system several times, it ceized to happen. Unfortunately I found that my cellphone is also capable of this surprise attack. Yes, the downside of carrying a small computer in your palms, though it has only happened once, so far, at least in the form of the blue screen anyways (it does crash down frequently in other ways).

In the meanwhile, my laptop has upgraded itself from the blue screens, to stripey screens. How amusing. The first time was just a month ago, when in the middle of watching a movie it showed itself into pink and orange vertical bars in place of the film. Then this afternoon it redressed into a chic black and white show.

This is not the time to play fashion shows, dear laptop. Nor is it ever. Stop messing with me.

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