Saturday, August 28, 2010

Annual Korean festival held in the Quad at uni.

It was my only second time, but like the first, I enjoyed it. The people, the food, the music, the games, are all in good spirit, and even if this year I wasn't able to stay too long, and there weren't as many people, I would recommend it to others.

Ate several Korean street foods, like bung er bbang, which is bread in the shape of a goldfish, with red bean paste inside. Next was ddukbbokki, a spicy rice cake with fish cakes, too. Then Korean pancake, which I really like. I didn't use to when I was little, but now I love it. It's a classic side dish when drinking, and for some reason all Korean dishes I prefer are the ones that go well with alcohol ;;; Lastly M, K and I got a candy floss. Yea, it's not Korean, but still a festival food. :)

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