Holidays without pants - 1

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not naked, just pantless. M and I decided that we don't wear skirts or dresses often enough, so came up with 7 events to dress up these holidays. Originally they were meant to be 7 days in a row, but it was going to be too difficult, so just 7 out of the 14 holidays will have to do.

Tonight was the first such outing, to Parnell Choco Boutique. I got the butterscotch ... drink.. which was really sweet, but just enough for me to like, though at the end there was that after taste I don't like about sweets. K's cookie and cream wasn't very nice, was way too watery. M ended up having most of it for him, lol.

All these food trips are going to wreck my plans to lose some blubs, which, after last night's torn jeans, I really think I need. But oh well, I will just have to be that much more active, to compensate, I guess ;p

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