Paella at French Market

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ok, so I got my wish of eating paella this morning, at Parnell French Market.
I know, eating Spanish food at a French market?!
But it was the only place that I knew that sold paella, which I have been craving ever since I watched that Spanish movie, La nina de tus ojos. I even asked my Spanish teacher and she didn't know of any Spanish restaurants that sold them.

Also, since it was my first time visiting the French market, it was like getting two birds with one stone. I tried for three, meaning I wanted to jog over there, so I get the fitness thing done as well. However, the weather would not cooperate, as with every time I try to go jogging alone out in the open air. Argh! The first try I just got wet and really cold, so I turned back to get my umbrella. The wretched weather was not going to stop me from my planned trip to the market! No!

The market was reasonably sized, which was good, even in the damp condition. There were lots of families with little kids, playing in the puddles. As I was having my generously portioned mixed paella, these two international students, one from Korea and the other from Russia, joined me. The Russian girl also got and bought the paella after seeing me eat it so deliciously, lol. We got talking, and the Korean girl even got my phone number off me. Even though I wished someone had joined me on this trip, it was nice to meet new people and just people watch in general.

Apart from the paella, I also got a pack of bagels and cream cheese to go with it. I am so going to come back next time, preferably when the weather is finer, and hopefully with a friend :)

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