Too tired to be lonely

Friday, August 27, 2010

I may not talk to you anymore, but I still think of you each day.
Has it become a habit? Perhaps. How long it will last, I am not sure. Until someone else comes to fill your space, maybe.

I cannot pretend that I don't not wait for a little surprise 'hi, how are you' from you, though.
I am not sad. I am too tired to be lonely.

Dreams are tiring me down lately, more than usual. Apart from troubled sleep, my dreams take me on chases that are energy draining. Last night I had to run up, down and round, around a big mansion of a house, trying to locate my room. The other night I dreamt that my room was haunted by a spirit who was trying to kill me for occupying her space, and to self defend I tried to cut the invisible ghost by scissoring her. Every time I hit target, drips of blood would fall out. Scary, right? What is going around in my unconscious, I did not want to know for a while after that.

Am listening to a metal rock music at the moment. No idea why I am listening to men grunting/shouting incoherently that I cannot even hear nor understand what they are saying..

Goodnight, I shall have a busy and hopefully a restful, uni break for two weeks. Thank goodness it has finally arrived.

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- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist -

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