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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh my gosh, such a tiring day!

Went to the Parnell French Market again this week, with friends this time, despite the rain, again. Bought a fig and seed sourdough and etorki cheese to take as lunch during the week, and had a plum macaron and flat white as breakfast. Miam!

Also had a lunch date with other friends in Newmarket this time, to have yum cha. I love yum cha! Was so full afterwards, but then walked back home, so was also quite tired.

Since I haven't done anything much last night studying wise, thought I'd better get myself to uni to start on some things, at least. So, here I am, with my half closed eyes because these contact lenses are always making my eyes itchy.. perhaps I need to get them checked.

At the moment I am taking a rest after finishing a film tutorial worksheet. That was part one of my study plan today. While listening to my new fave French singer Zaz on Youtube, ;p

Got to get onto part two now: one of the many assignments on film analysis! Quelle joie!

I kept hearing Spanish everywhere today in Newmarket. Weird how your ear picks up on these sounds you have previously ignored, once you get interested in them.

Bon weekend!

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