You are what you eat - 1st week

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I never seem to know what exactly I am eating, even though I seem to be eating a decent amount. They don't seem to be of a healthy diet, though, so will try to do a food journal blog for a month. The holidays are coming in a week and a half, so what a good chance to start a balanced diet!

Okay, so this 1st week:

Mon, 16th -
can't remember bfast or lunch,
but junk food (chips) at work for dinner
[Got to cut down on junk food-ing at work]

Tue, 17th -
rice, egg and bacon for bfast,
nuts for lunch,
pasta at a restaurant for dinner
[carb and protein sussed, more veges!]

Wed, 18th -
rice and stew;
red beans bun bread, apple, yoghurt;
a slice of bread.
[at least got in an apple this day...]

Thu, 19th -
rice and salad;
cheese spinach spread sandwich;
apple and yoghurt.
[good day, with two servings of spinach, and another apple :)
did not pig out too much at work, either. well done!]

Fri, 20th -
2 slices of toast;
egg sandwich and choco up and go drink;
2 pizza slices, dinner with J - beef pad thai, drinks at M's - chips and orange poppy seed cake.
[wow, ate SO much! too much of a dinner... it was actually three dinners, because went to three parties... ;;]

Sat, 21st -
green beans cream fettuccine;
dinner with M, Korean stew with rice, Starbucks.
[Note: drinking too much water at a time, which I don't even like because it's tasteless to me, just makes you feel sick.]

Sun, 22nd -
toast with jam, then salmon and avocado;
Wendy's hot dog and strawberry thickshake;
Burger King's Bandit burger, and Giapo's ice cream.
[hmm.. at least I didn't pig out]

All in all, seem to be eating decent amounts, but need way more vege and fruit!!

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