Earthquake, M7.2, NZ

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Woken up by a phone call in the morning by Mum, just before 5am.. Lucky I didn't turn the phone off by mistake thinking it was the alarm. I thought it was earlier than 5am though, at first, because it was so dark outside.

Mum, is everything alright? What's wrong?

She thought there was a earthquake, the whole house was shaking, the phone fell off its holder, the power was cut, and she was alone at home because Papa's out on business.

I turn on my lights, the TV, but they turn on fine, I didn't feel anything here in Auckland. Lucky me.

Turns out there was a huge earthquake, just 30km from Christchurch, measuring 7.2. That's a big earthquake, felt throughout South Island, and the after shocks are still happening. Text Flatmate how she was doing, and apparently all her family is waiting by the table, ready, just in case. At least she's got a whole family with her.

Hopefully no one gets hurt...

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