Holidays without pants - 3

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Don't we feel grown up, going on brunch trips, and two days running in a row!

My dress code for the day: pink Abercrombie tshirt with United Colours of Benetton pleated skirt, black tights, red Converse shoes, and trench coat.. What I usually wear, really.

Our hungry selves stepped on a bus this morning to Mt Eden, where we shared a big carrot cake between the two of us, M and I, and an English Tea for me, and a Cappuccino for her. I am getting into tea these days, since it seems like the healthier option.

Circus Circus! I have been wanting to come here for several reasons.

First, its cool interior and exterior design, in bright red, and with such a cool theme as CIRCUS, how can it not be to anyone's liking?! I LOVE CLOWNS! They can be scary, yes, but that is part of their charm, right?

Secondly, if the decor did not take to you at its first glance, this cafe is also an award winning establishment. I can vouch for its popularity, since every time I pass here in the hopes of getting a coffee, which is at least once every week because the dental clinic I work at is just down the road, it is ALWAYS FULL!! And how full! There are normally lines continuing on out in the streets, always causing me to sigh and tell myself that I'll come back when it's quieter.

When M suggested we come here this morning, I was a bit unsure because I thought it might be too full, as always. But, lucky for us, there was a table waiting to be cleared just in time for us :)

After our full bfast we wandered the streets, and I even bought myself a book. This is very unusual for me, who decided years ago that I will only buy books when absolutely necessary. When one likes reading so much that she wants to buy all the books she can lay her hands on, it becomes a problem, of finance and space. Especially since there are always more books to be read that she hardly has any time to go back reading the ones she has already finished.

But I am going through the 100 list of books that I am almost finished with (down to the last 9 now), and this book could not be found in the libraries. So I had to open my wallet a little, don't you see? ;p

Circus Circus
447 Mt Eden Road
Circus Circus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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