Holidays without pants - 4

Saturday, September 04, 2010

(see also: Holidays without pants - 1, 2, 3 )
Today wasn't really meant to be a Takapuna day, but to Takapuna we did go, because even with the earthquake in the South Island, the weather was (almost) too sunny not to. Even if we also have a birthday party to go to tonight, making this day not a just one dress day, but two!

Went to Cafe d'amour for brunch, a weird mix of smells with K's sweet Belgian style pancakes - just crepes, really, M's savoury Chicken and Bacon Strudel, and my fishy seafood chowder combined. I love seafood chowder, I order it in cafes often, normally for lunches.

Since it was a good day, we went to the beach, and spied all the different kinds of dogs we could see around us. We saw a humongous Great Dane cross on the way, which was absolutely HUGE even as he sat down.

Also went to the only Top Shop in NZ, my first time. They weren't as highly priced as I'd expected, but still being a poor broke student, I did not buy anything.

I wanted to look at possible jeans to buy, so K drove us to Albany Westfield's, where at Just Jeans I tried on the new Levi's curves ranges. I am a demi, 26". They fit perfectly around my hips! Definitely right up there for my next pair of jeans. Whenever that may be. K bought a nice pair of new shoes, which suited him really nicely. M was considering a bowler hat that looked really cute on her, but she decided not to, since she is not really a hat person. Aw...

Back at home for a little rest, checked how Chch has been faring on since this morning. Glad that the airport is finally open, but with great delays...

Many people has been texting me to ask if (my family and) I were alright (they assumed I would be down there since it's the holidays). Thank you all for your concerns, my family is well, and luckily our house has not been damaged much at all, unlike the other households, God bless them...

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