Old email

Thursday, September 09, 2010

how's it?!!

can't belive you've been gone for over a month
trying to see your photos whenever i can,
how's the campus life???
here, it's suddenly back to winter weather again,
thus, disgusted,
i need it to be sunny and bright and hot
so i can be happy,
the current weather is
seriously dampening my moods at the mo.
so not good!!!1
i just tell myself that there's only one and a half month left of uni
then i get a heart attack because i haven't started studying for the exams.
after this week i must.
saw the movie up, have you seen it? so beautiful, you must!
don't know if i'd told you already.. probs not lol
argh, gotta go now,
catch you laters!!
love, viv

Was cleaning my email inbox, and came across an old email I wrote to you last year, around this time. Made me think of you, K, especially appropriate since today's your bday :)

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