White fish and garlic potato croquettes

Friday, September 03, 2010

Finally, the last of the tapas series!

I have been trying to recreate all of the 7 tapas dishes in one of my fav magazines, Living etc, since the last holidays in July. It has taken its time, but today I finally got myself to the grocery shops for the right ingredients, and made the last and the 7th of Donna Hay's recipes.

The white fish was originally meant to be smoked trout, but I could not find them anywhere in the big supermarkets, so had to do with NZ Hoki fillets, instead. As always with my garlic proportions, I put a bit too much in, I think, because the taste was a bit strong. But then again, maybe not, I'm not sure. I am not usually a spices person, content with your usual salt and pepper most of the time. When the recipes I follow require me to get the odd onions or garlics, I use random guesses of measurements, so they are probably not that accurate.

However, in saying so, these croquettes have come out wonderfully, and I am really glad with the results. Found out today that Sis is no longer in the same city as me, Flatmate's still away, and today is not a pantless day with M... I need someone to share my beautiful cooking with!

I will bring over these egg shaped croquettes, you prepare the salad, we can share a jar of sangria... Over a movie, perhaps... Ooh, it'll be a bliss :)

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